Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is Arrogance Creeping In On You?

A general dictionary defines arrogance in many ways like, "offensive display of superiority, self-importance, overbearing pride, pompous, haughtiness, behaving in a superior manner toward inferiors, etc." Each one of us would have definitely seen or experienced arrogance by someone at some time.

An arrogant person can impact you in many ways, and depending on your current position you may or may not be able to control such people. For example, an arrogant professor, teacher, boss or reputed personalities can make life hell for all his subordinates, and continue to behave with brazen superiority with everyone for years. Often you will not be able to do anything because such people control your core necessities like passing exams, promotions, salary hikes, sales figures, brand, etc. In some cases you can hit back with all your power at arrogant people. Nevertheless arrogant people in all walks of life are a pain and will be an important topic of discussion everywhere. Behind the back gossip like, "He or she has become arrogant, but wasn't like that before" is quite common in most workplaces, amongst friends, relatives, etc. However it does not mean people will be arrogant with everyone, but they will definitely not miss an opportunity to demonstrate it on someone they can afford to be rude with. Often the person being branded arrogant may not truly realize they have indeed become arrogant. It is always someone else who can be arrogant, but not we. We rarely think of ourself as being arrogant. But arrogance does exist in various degrees in everyone, including you and me. Now suppose you discover that people who matter to you are calling you arrogant behind your back? Or worse, someone tells you flat on your face that you are indeed arrogant. What will be your reaction? Being branded arrogant is something that nobody would like to hear. It can rudely jolt you from the grand benevolent image you hold of yourself. You could get furious, outraged and vehemently disagree with their opinion, or you can stop and think of it as a wake up call to mend your ways.

Arrogance is like a special body odour that you can't smell, but others can. But unless somebody tells you openly, or you have a mirror of snow white's stepmother you don't get to know it. Similar to how people recognize the harmful effects of junk food, high cholesterol, etc., it is also important to recognize some vital signs that could make one arrogant over time. So what are those signs that can make you arrogant? Here are seven signs that could make you arrogant over time, unless you take appropriate steps to puncture your bloated ego periodically.

1. Knowledge: Your subject knowledge is good and improving day by day. People come to you for advice, tips, guidance. Soon you begin to think you have become an expert and feel others are dependant on you. You have all the answers for anything and everything, or you believe so. And you gradually become dismissive of suggestions and recommendations by others, except yours, of course.

2. Salary: You have a juicy salary. You are able to pay all your bills, loans, expenses and still have plenty of spare money to buy the things you desire. Your bank balance makes you feel invincible and you start comparing everyone based on the money they make.

3. Job title: You have a fancy job title that can create an aura of awe around you. Titles having groovy words like global, enterprise, strategy, leader, etc., can quietly corrupt a person's ego faster than a person who is having a mediocre title like sales manager, though both could be doing identical jobs.

4. Contacts: You develop contacts and connections with reputed people, famous personalities, top brass, etc., and hover around important people. You have the blessings of a powerful godfather who worships the ground you walk on, protects you, listens to you and does not make a move without consulting you. So you now feel like a VIP with the power to crush ordinary mortals.

5. Successes: You have had a series of successes and promotions that are the envy of others. Everything you do seems like success. Or you have been very smart and quick in burying your failures before anyone notices them. Or somebody is doing the work and producing the results, while you are getting the rewards and hikes. Frequent success and winning can be a powerful arrogance booster. During temporary lucky periods in life a feeling of Midas touch can get into people's head. This is often the reason why many sportsmen, film personalities, businessmen, etc., become haughty and pushy.

6. Answers: You don't provide solutions to questions anymore. Instead you now answer every question with another question. You develop the skill to invent a dozen jargon filled smart, tough and tricky questions on the fly that can make others squirm, chew their head off or make them flee from the scene. Of course, it is not necessary for you to know the answers, or if answering is unavoidable, you can invent some more jargon filled questions to confuse the other party.

7. Personal: In addition to the above factors, an individual's personal qualities, or Mother Nature's temporary gifts to humans, like young age, physical strength, beauty, good health, IQ, etc., can also make one arrogant.

To summarize, the challenge for each one of us is to frequently pause and observe ourselves to see if any of the above factors are making us pompous. And we can conclude with a quote from Henry W Shaw, "It is not only the most difficult thing to know oneself, but the most inconvenient one, too."

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beautiful Things About Learning Italian

Ever considered learning to speak, read and write another language? If you have, the Italian language is a good pick. The language alone is being spoken by over 70 million speakers and the country where this romantic language came from speaks for itself. Going down the records of history, Italians have contributed major events to the people of this generation. Italy has many of its glorious achievement in the major districts of the country for all to see. And the food is undoubtedly loved by everyone from anywhere in the world.

If these reasons aren't enough for you to realize how interesting to learn the language is going to be, then you just probably don't get it or you're just not interested at all. Moving forward, the Italian language can be learned as well by anyone. Obviously, the internet and modern life of today play a big role in these aspects of learning any self-help subjects and the very reason why almost anyone given a chance can learn not just the Italian language but all the other languages possible to learn today.

The good news just doesn't end there. Out of passion and mere interest to learn the Italian language, an individual can earn a career boost by just being fluent with this language. Of course it isn't easy to have everything done but in due time, speaking the romantic language is a piece of cake. With that mentioned, career opportunities comes easy too, there are many career areas an Italian speaker can try. A foreign language translator here and abroad is a possibility. Even being a teacher for a second language is also an option.

When Italian basic is learned, learning advanced Italian later on can even increase one's career development. Although, there are some pre-requisite qualifications, it's not very difficult anymore these days to enhance one's learning since the convenience and availability of trusted language programs online is abundant. It's also a hassle-free approach to learn at home since there's no pressure and interruption from the usual day's schedule.

Learning the Italian language or another foreign language benefits you and you alone. It helps enrich and expand your vocabulary and reduces unemployment vacancy. There are just endless beautiful things to gain from learning the language so allow your self be enthralled by the opportunity.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How To Motivate Other People

The difference between a motivated employee and an unmotivated one can result in the
improvement of a task at hand hundred times or better! So theoretically, a highly motivated
employee can out produce or help lead an unmotivated employee one hundred or more times

This answers the question why some companies perform much better than similar companies
with the exact same resources.

Since the earliest times, leaders have recognized the power of motivation. Motivation can
dramatically increase production in factories and the workplace in general. Motivation can
win wars, being a contributing factor that leads to lopsided victories on the battlefields.

Motivation can make dull, lackluster students into topnotch class performers.
Large companies are constantly looking for ways to motivate their employees. That's why
great deals of money are spent and invested by businesses, seeking out ways to challenge
and motivate their workforce.

People who possess the gift of motivating other people are a rare breed. People who possess
the power to motivate tend to be highly-motivated individuals themselves. But fortunately
for all, deep within, the average person has the ability to motivate other people and help
them perform miracles.

There is no magic formula for motivating other people. Motivating an individual is very
simple. The mere act of praising an employee or subordinate for his little achievement will
definitely make him feel better about himself. This results in the increase of an
individuals output and productivity.

Praise him more and expect him to improve by leaps and bounds. Of course you can employ
this motivation technique to others beside employees or subordinates. You can create this
motivational atmosphere for your kids (to make them perform better in school or make them
behave better), for your business partner, for your affiliates, or for your sales
associates (to help them generate more sales).

One of the peculiarities of the human character is its extreme vulnerability to outside
forces. The average person feels good about himself when he is appreciated, admired or

Ones personal sense of well being is dictated by the balance of the positive and negative
forces. The greater the positive forces over the negative forces, the better a sense of
well-being exists for an individual and the feeling he has of himself.

You can start changing people's lives starting today. Congratulate your subordinate for a
work well done. Commend your wife for the delicious cake that she has baked. Praise your
kid for the sketch that he has just scrawled. Congratulations for reading this article to
its conclusion - you have just completed the first step in laerning how to motivate other
people! Don't you feel better already!!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Breakthrough Technologies - Part V

An amazing number of new products and breakthrough technologies in the world of self improvement and personal development are giving us opportunities heretofore considered merely science fiction. The following technology may be just what you need.

• The Lucid Dreaming Kit--Learn to Control Your Dreams in 7 Days!
Each of us spends 1/3 of our entire lives sleeping! That comes out to more than 121 days a year, over 24 years in an average lifetime ... asleep. This sounds like a lot of wasted time ... but that does not have to be the case. Those hours spent asleep can provide each of us with a tremendous opportunity if used properly.

Bradley Thompson of the software development company WWCL has developed the
Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Kit which GUARANTEES to teach you to take control of your dreams and have full-scale lucid dreams in 7 Days or less!

• PlanPlus Online: Increases Productivity! No Risk Try-Out PlanPlus Online "Home" has a familiar Franklin Covey planning interface that gives you quick access to the key data you need every day, including a Prioritized Daily Task List, Appointment Schedule, and Daily Notes. The interface is built on a simple tab system that allows you to quickly navigate through various planning and tracking modules.

• ThinkRightNow! - Accelerated Success Software. One of the most popular self-improvement programs has been the ThinkRightNow! Accelerated Conditioning Program -- "The Easiest And Most Certain Way To Make Lightning Fast Changes In How You Think, Feel and Act." ThinkRightNow! released a software program --

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Memory and Visualization

Who want to remember better? I guessed many of us would probably raise our hands. Almost all human beings want to remember better especially the stuff we need to use. Our children need good memory for helping them in school. Almost all brain processes need memory to help relating the known which is already in memory with the unknown which is the new things we learn. Therefore learning memory techniques can help enhancing our development of growth in life. Do you know that your memory needs visualization? It needs something to help remembering. The process is not just trying to associate the tings you want to remember with the things you already remember and never forget, at least during the time you want that memory. In this article we will learn how to make use of visualization and help the memory process.

How do we remember things? We associate the things in my memory and the things we just learn. The way of association depends on the technique each individual use. The tip is that people remember pictures better than words. However, most people are used to remembering in words and use this technique all the time when they need remembering. The result is that they often forget what they want to remember and complaining that their brain does not work well. Some think that because they are too old to remembering stuff. It is not the brain. Neither is it their ages. It is the technique. If we learn to remember in picture or we can call visualization. We can remember better no matter how old we are. Now. How do we use visualization? Get ready. This is four steps on using visualization and making your memory better.

Step 1 Organize what you want to remember.

Normally what we want to remember are not only a few sentence or a word but in stead we need to remember a series of story or principles or may be a chapter of lesson we just learn. All of the contents need to be in order. Some may not require that but it is easier if they are organized in order. For example, if we want to remember the names of the first ten presidents of the United States, we would rather need it in order although the teacher may not require that. Write it down in paper. If it is already in the text book, take the note out the major headings. Organizing the materials will help the process to be smoother and more effective. Make them in sequence and order.

Step 2 Build house files.

Build them in your mind. Try to make the picture of your five favorite rooms. May be the first room is your bed room. This will be your bed room file in your mind. Look for the position that you can put your memory and will never forget. Pick up five places. For example, the first position is at your TV, second at your bed, third at your right stool, fourth at your drawer and fifth at your mirror. Now we have five places to store our memory and we will never forget since we live with this every day. Do the same with other rooms. Make sure that we apply the same procedure of picking up the five areas so that we do not mix up the order of the areas. If you do this with five rooms, we have twenty five places to store our memory.

Step 3 Visualize of your contents and put them in your house files.

Picture your contents. For example if you want to remember the name of George Washington, you may visualize your friend, George. You have a friend named George, right? You see George diligently washing tons of tons of dishes. Once you visualize this, you will never forget. Put this image onto your first house file which is you TV. Now every time you start remembering the name of the first presidents of the United States, you see your friend George washing tons of dishes in your bed room TV.
Do the same with the rest of the contents. The more outrageous the pictures are, the better you can remember the contents. Put them onto your house files. Make sure that they are in order as you have arranged previously.

Step 4 Practice and review them until you get all.

Like any other learning processes. You need to practice and review until you are good at it. "Repetition is the mother of the skill." As I remember Tony Robbins said. Make sure that you do this often enough.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Overcoming Compulsive Spending

Compulsive spending is a major problem that can be caused by any number of psychological issues. Though it might not seem like a big deal to most people, controlling spending is a major issue for others. When spending goes wild, folks can damage their bank accounts, their careers, and their relationships. Compulsive spending is just like any other compulsive disorder in that it takes control of a person. After a while, there is no chance to even make a good decision regarding your spending. You might need to seek help if this is you.

Have you ever been to a store and found that you couldn't keep from buying something? I am not talking about going to a store and buying something that you need. That's a normal action. When spending becomes a problem, people go to a store and buy a product just for the sake of spending. They can't go a day without some sort of compulsive spending. Why do people suffer from this problem? It can come from any number of problems that could be from the past.

If a person has gone through a past that was a little rough, they might be trying to make up for that. They could hide behind the excuse that they are simply trying to provide something that they never had earlier in life. While this is fine some of the time, holding onto that grudge from the past is not healthy. In addition, people might go on compulsive spending binges because they want to trick people into believing that they have their finances in order. These are problems that must be fixed quickly or the problem will continue.

Hypnosis can help with the problem of compulsive spending. People don't understand that hypnosis is actually a solution for many mentally related ailments. Though it won't heal cancer, hypnosis can help people deal with other issues. If all you know about hypnosis is what you have seen in the movies, then you need to do more research. Compulsive spending is one problem that hypnosis can effectively fix.

If you can't get past your spending problems, then consider using hypnosis as a solution for the problem. Though it is not as common a medical practice as it should be, hypnosis has been known to help with all sorts of problems. Get a solution today for your problems and find out if hypnosis is right for you.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

What The Heck Is Attraction Acceleration Anyway?

There has been a lot of talk recently about the Law of Attraction and Attraction Acceleration. There has been talk about what the Attraction Accelerator is in a general sense, but nothing that comes right out and spells it out for you. How in the heck are you supposed to use something that you can't even get a straight definition of or get a clear understanding?

Let's cut to the chase about what Attraction Acceleration is and what it can do for you.

Attraction Acceleration IS the ability to visualize the things that you want from your life in order to make them happen in your reality in super fast time.

Attraction Acceleration IS NOT magic, voodoo, psychic stuff or anything of the supernatural variety.

Steven Pierce developed a product called The OptiMINDzation Attraction Accelerator. The state-of-the-art audio program he developed was designed to scientifically bypass that skeptical, cynical part of the brain, while helping to enhance a person's ability to visualize.

So, how can Attraction Acceleration work for you? How can you utilize this powerful success generator? The answer is literally directly before you, within you.

Now, you are probably familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that Universal Law that states that like attracts like and positivity breeds positivity. This is all very true and if you are thinking positive and projecting a positive attitude, positive things will happen in your life. The positivity even extends to how you view things and your approach to problems.

For instance, a negative phrasing for a positive action would be "war on drugs" or some similar expression. When you find a positive way to approach everything in your life, you will be living within the Universal Law of Attraction.

While this is all well and good with the "feel good" existential properties that these laws offer, empowering you with the ability to take charge of your life and success, the Attraction Accelerator can boost that even further.

The Attraction Accelerator boosts your success and increases the power of the Law of Attraction because it engages the most powerful part of your success and existence - your mind. You visualize the things that you want, focus and send out the powerful, positive vibrations and those things that you want will come to you.

It does not matter whether you want wealth, a new home or a peaceful existence, you can achieve it through the attraction acceleration process. Create an image in your mind of what you want. If you have an actual, tangible sketch or photo, it can aid your endeavors even further. As you focus on the things that you want, you raise the vibrations within the universe that allow and facilitate the realization of that desire or dream.

The Attraction Accelerator can help you realize your dreams and desires and help you get the things that you want out of life. When you direct your energies in a positive manner and maintain a positive attitude, positive things will happen in your life.

If your life isn't quite what you want it to be, try the Attraction Accelerator and see what happens. When you combine it with the Law of Attraction, there is virtually no limit to what you can achieve in your life. The key to success is right before you, within you, all you have to do is turn it on.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Leadership - How To Find Untapped Potential In People

Many times as a leader it's easy to automatically look for someone outside of your team of people that has the skills you are looking for. However, the right person good already be in your team. As a good leader it's important that you develop the team of people that you already have by finding their untapped potential. Here are 3 ways to find this potential.

1. Get to know their interests.

One of the best ways to find potential in someone is to find out what their interests are in life. This will reveal a lot about the other person. Many times you will discover that you actually have the person doing the wrong thing your team. Just because someone's resume or past history says one thing doesn't mean that that's always that best thing for them to do.

2. Challenge your team.

By challenging your team I don't mean to overwork them. However, if you let your team atrophy by never allowing them to grow you are stopping you and your team from becoming the best it can be. You may be surprised to see who rises up and meets the challenges that you set.

3. Provide training.

Everyone needs to learn to become better. By providing opportunities for your team to learn new things you will give them the chance to better themselves. As your team learns they will begin to have better skills and feel more confidant with the tasks they are given. As their confidence increases they will be more willing to step out of their comfort zones and try things that could have huge benefits for everyone involved.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Dancing Soothes and Heals

You have no doubt noticed children love to dance to music—they move their body with the music openly and freely in whatever way feels best.

Few people have retained or regained the ability to engage in dancing un-self-consciously. Many adults have stopped dancing altogether. You might have hang-ups about your body, or you may fear being judged that your body movement is not artistic enough or have the correct rhythm. You may have simply gotten out of the habit of dancing and then think you are too out of practice or too old to dance.

Whatever the case, you can put aside those false fears or excuses and rediscover the healing/soothing pleasure of moving your body to music-alone, or as part of a couple, or in a group. Opportunities to dance formal or informal abound wherever there are people.

The origin of dance may be as long as the history of humans. We can only guess what dances looked like in earlier epochs.

An early manuscript describing dance is the Natya Shastra on which the modern interpretation classical Indian dance (e.g. Bharathanatyam) is based.

The ancient chronicle of the Sinhalese (Sri Lankans), the Mahavamsa states when King Vijaya landed in Sri Lanka in 543 BCE he heard sounds of music and dancing from a wedding ceremony. Origins of The Dances of Sri Lanka are dated back to the aborginal tribes. The Classical dances of Sri Lanka, Kandyan Dances features a highly developed system of tala (rhythm), provided by cymbals called thalampataa.

In Europe one of the earliest records of dancing is by Homer, whose "Iliad"; describes chorea (khoreia).

The early Greeks made the art of dancing into a system, expressive of all the different passions. For example, the dance of the Furies, so represented, would create complete terror among those who witnessed them. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, ranked dancing with poetry, and said that certain dancers, with rhythm applied to gesture, could express manners, passions, and actions. Greek sculptors studied the attitude of the dancers for their art of imitating the passions.

Rock-shelter drawings in India reveal the earliest examples of dance. Todo, forms of monkeys at Gupteshvara and a number of human figures at Pahadgarh, Tikla and Abachand present evidence of dance being prevalent in those days. These drawings belong to the period from 5000 to 2000 B. C. As revealed by the stone statuette of a male dancer from Harappa and the bronze figurine of a dancing girl from Mohenjodaro, the Indus Valley civilization had a well-evolved dance culture.

Ballet dancing started in the 16th century. and its became so big that royalty were getting dance masters to teach them ballet.

If you think you have lost the knack for dancing and feel too self-conscious to start in public, reintroduce yourself to the joy of listening and responding to music in the comfort of your home. Set the mood by turning the lights down. Remember it is more fun when you are not thinking about what you look like. You will be surprised how quickly your body moves easily to the music's rhythm. Feel the music in your mind, body and spirit—feel the vibrations healing/soothing your body. Give this experience the attention and importance of meditation in which you agree to allow yourself to fully inhabit your amazing body.

If you think you are awkward, that is what you will create. If you think you are a graceful swan gliding and moving with the music, that is what you will create. Everyone carries the memory of dance in their cells.

If you prefer to take your dance moves to another level, take a class. There are dance studios in every city—in small towns the classes might be taught at the high school. In most cities, you will find every kind of dance from modern to African, ballroom and salsa. Whichever you choose, you will not regret choosing to rediscover your body's natural birthright—the healing, soothing joyful thrill of dancing.

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What a Personal Self-Esteem Coach Can Do For You

A personal self-esteem coach can provide an objective perspective sorely needed to see things in a new light, challenge long-held beliefs that have held you back, change the patterns that have kept you stuck and make new choices so that you create and attract success into your life.

Creating a clear direction for your life can be difficult. Old thinking and behavior patterns are persistent. Your coach can help you recognize and replace these old patterns with new ideas and strategies which serve you and clear the way for a healthy, balanced life. Your coach can also tune in to the language you use to describe yourself, your life circumstances, both past and present, and your future. The language you use is a strong indicator of the level of self-esteem you are experiencing right now.

As your self-esteem improves, you'll notice you are more focused, more organized and more able to take action. You'll be able to create strategies, plans and structures to achieve your goals more easily. Procrastination will be a thing of the past. What once pushed you past overwhelm will no longer intimidate you.

Maybe you have self-esteem issues rearing their ugly heads in your relationships. Do you often feel jealousy, especially in the context of romantic relationships? Are you struggling with finding or staying in a romantic relationship? Do you feel too stressed and vulnerable to make good decisions? Maybe you are still recovering from the break up of your last romantic relationship and you want to firm your boundaries and learn to trust again. Wherever you find yourself feeling badly about yourself, a self-esteem issue exists.

If you are tired of living on automatic pilot and want to take charge of your life to create the happiness you've spent all this time looking for, then a personal self-esteem coach might be the right choice at this place in your life.

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