Saturday, May 19, 2007

Memory and Visualization

Who want to remember better? I guessed many of us would probably raise our hands. Almost all human beings want to remember better especially the stuff we need to use. Our children need good memory for helping them in school. Almost all brain processes need memory to help relating the known which is already in memory with the unknown which is the new things we learn. Therefore learning memory techniques can help enhancing our development of growth in life. Do you know that your memory needs visualization? It needs something to help remembering. The process is not just trying to associate the tings you want to remember with the things you already remember and never forget, at least during the time you want that memory. In this article we will learn how to make use of visualization and help the memory process.

How do we remember things? We associate the things in my memory and the things we just learn. The way of association depends on the technique each individual use. The tip is that people remember pictures better than words. However, most people are used to remembering in words and use this technique all the time when they need remembering. The result is that they often forget what they want to remember and complaining that their brain does not work well. Some think that because they are too old to remembering stuff. It is not the brain. Neither is it their ages. It is the technique. If we learn to remember in picture or we can call visualization. We can remember better no matter how old we are. Now. How do we use visualization? Get ready. This is four steps on using visualization and making your memory better.

Step 1 Organize what you want to remember.

Normally what we want to remember are not only a few sentence or a word but in stead we need to remember a series of story or principles or may be a chapter of lesson we just learn. All of the contents need to be in order. Some may not require that but it is easier if they are organized in order. For example, if we want to remember the names of the first ten presidents of the United States, we would rather need it in order although the teacher may not require that. Write it down in paper. If it is already in the text book, take the note out the major headings. Organizing the materials will help the process to be smoother and more effective. Make them in sequence and order.

Step 2 Build house files.

Build them in your mind. Try to make the picture of your five favorite rooms. May be the first room is your bed room. This will be your bed room file in your mind. Look for the position that you can put your memory and will never forget. Pick up five places. For example, the first position is at your TV, second at your bed, third at your right stool, fourth at your drawer and fifth at your mirror. Now we have five places to store our memory and we will never forget since we live with this every day. Do the same with other rooms. Make sure that we apply the same procedure of picking up the five areas so that we do not mix up the order of the areas. If you do this with five rooms, we have twenty five places to store our memory.

Step 3 Visualize of your contents and put them in your house files.

Picture your contents. For example if you want to remember the name of George Washington, you may visualize your friend, George. You have a friend named George, right? You see George diligently washing tons of tons of dishes. Once you visualize this, you will never forget. Put this image onto your first house file which is you TV. Now every time you start remembering the name of the first presidents of the United States, you see your friend George washing tons of dishes in your bed room TV.
Do the same with the rest of the contents. The more outrageous the pictures are, the better you can remember the contents. Put them onto your house files. Make sure that they are in order as you have arranged previously.

Step 4 Practice and review them until you get all.

Like any other learning processes. You need to practice and review until you are good at it. "Repetition is the mother of the skill." As I remember Tony Robbins said. Make sure that you do this often enough.

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