Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Breakthrough Technologies - Part V

An amazing number of new products and breakthrough technologies in the world of self improvement and personal development are giving us opportunities heretofore considered merely science fiction. The following technology may be just what you need.

• The Lucid Dreaming Kit--Learn to Control Your Dreams in 7 Days!
Each of us spends 1/3 of our entire lives sleeping! That comes out to more than 121 days a year, over 24 years in an average lifetime ... asleep. This sounds like a lot of wasted time ... but that does not have to be the case. Those hours spent asleep can provide each of us with a tremendous opportunity if used properly.

Bradley Thompson of the software development company WWCL has developed the
Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Kit which GUARANTEES to teach you to take control of your dreams and have full-scale lucid dreams in 7 Days or less! http://www.circlesoflight.com/brainwaves/lucid-dreaming-1.html

• PlanPlus Online: Increases Productivity! No Risk Try-Out PlanPlus Online "Home" has a familiar Franklin Covey planning interface that gives you quick access to the key data you need every day, including a Prioritized Daily Task List, Appointment Schedule, and Daily Notes. The interface is built on a simple tab system that allows you to quickly navigate through various planning and tracking modules. http://facilitators.franklincovey.com/facilitators/communication/updates.jsp?update=other/planplus

• ThinkRightNow! - Accelerated Success Software. One of the most popular self-improvement programs has been the ThinkRightNow! Accelerated Conditioning Program -- "The Easiest And Most Certain Way To Make Lightning Fast Changes In How You Think, Feel and Act." ThinkRightNow! released a software program -- http://thinkrightnow.cjb.net

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