Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How To Motivate Other People

The difference between a motivated employee and an unmotivated one can result in the
improvement of a task at hand hundred times or better! So theoretically, a highly motivated
employee can out produce or help lead an unmotivated employee one hundred or more times

This answers the question why some companies perform much better than similar companies
with the exact same resources.

Since the earliest times, leaders have recognized the power of motivation. Motivation can
dramatically increase production in factories and the workplace in general. Motivation can
win wars, being a contributing factor that leads to lopsided victories on the battlefields.

Motivation can make dull, lackluster students into topnotch class performers.
Large companies are constantly looking for ways to motivate their employees. That's why
great deals of money are spent and invested by businesses, seeking out ways to challenge
and motivate their workforce.

People who possess the gift of motivating other people are a rare breed. People who possess
the power to motivate tend to be highly-motivated individuals themselves. But fortunately
for all, deep within, the average person has the ability to motivate other people and help
them perform miracles.

There is no magic formula for motivating other people. Motivating an individual is very
simple. The mere act of praising an employee or subordinate for his little achievement will
definitely make him feel better about himself. This results in the increase of an
individuals output and productivity.

Praise him more and expect him to improve by leaps and bounds. Of course you can employ
this motivation technique to others beside employees or subordinates. You can create this
motivational atmosphere for your kids (to make them perform better in school or make them
behave better), for your business partner, for your affiliates, or for your sales
associates (to help them generate more sales).

One of the peculiarities of the human character is its extreme vulnerability to outside
forces. The average person feels good about himself when he is appreciated, admired or

Ones personal sense of well being is dictated by the balance of the positive and negative
forces. The greater the positive forces over the negative forces, the better a sense of
well-being exists for an individual and the feeling he has of himself.

You can start changing people's lives starting today. Congratulate your subordinate for a
work well done. Commend your wife for the delicious cake that she has baked. Praise your
kid for the sketch that he has just scrawled. Congratulations for reading this article to
its conclusion - you have just completed the first step in laerning how to motivate other
people! Don't you feel better already!!

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