Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Don't Have To Be A PhD To Understand Life

We are on this world to give something back.

When we decide to have children, help out family or friends in need, or donate our time, we are giving something back. When a crisis hits us and we find ourselves in a world of hurt or pain, we find out that people want to give something back to us. Be that love, compassion, or just time. Or maybe that isn't so. Sometimes people don't give back. They just take.

Life can be hard.

Life isn't always about riches, love, sex, sunshine and pleasure. Life can hit us squarely between the eyes and take away what we love the most. Life can test our deepest emotions until we break down and cry unabashedly. But the pain and anguish of life can also give us strength, depth and resolve. Sometimes we learn astonishing things about ourselves and find strength beyond our dreams. There is no getting around the harshness of life. It will not spare us. But it will hopefully open our eyes. And with any luck we will learn from it.

We are one species, one race, one entity.

The sooner we learn that we are all the same species and animal, the better. We are all interconnected through the shared ability of conscious unlike all other animals on this planet. When we decide to use our conscious for the good of mankind as a whole, we will survive. If we continue to ignore our conscious we will continue to destroy each other, nature and eventually the planet. We have a choice. Those choices will save us or destroy us. It isn't that complicated, it's actually quite simple if you think about it.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Brainwave Entrainment - Is It The Key To Giftedness?

Before this, scientists can only hypothesized that the different regions
of our brain communicate with each other when processing information,
but with recent advancement in science, they can actually prove it.

Using multi-electrode recording techniques to monitor different regions of
the brain simultaneously, scientists have discovered how the brain regions communicate
through their electrical activities.

This capability further reveals a new characteristic of brain communication.

Their experiments have shown that two regions can communicate effectively if their electrical activities rhythm are synchronized with each other. It means if a region is sending information
to another part of the brain, the receiving part must also be expecting it.
Otherwise the some part of the information will be missing.

This is much like how some type of electronic circuitry work.
These circuits are called synchronous circuit.
For an electrical circuit the synchronization is done through
a special circuitry called clock circuit which generates fixed frequency

So how can we synchronize the different regions in our brain?

Even currently there is no scientific experiment to prove it,
but it might be possible that brainwave entrainment actually
provide a type of artificial clocking mechanism for the brain.

This finding maybe is a clue of how some gifted people seems
to be able to use their brain effectively compare to normal people.
These people may have some kind of natural internal clock that is able to
synchronize their brain regions. They might even able to actually
turn it on of off, and synchronized it at different frequencies for
different functions. This is logical if you think of some phenomena
such as perfect retention and photographic memory - which are indication
of perfect data communication in storing and retrieval of information.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Top Motivational Speakers-5 Most Popular Today

There are thousands of people who work as motivational speakers, each offering a unique take on the principles that they speak about, because each motivational speaker has a unique history, and draws from individual experiences in order to shape the way that they speak and motivate. Some motivational speakers are more popular than others, either because they have something more poignant to say, or because they have stared adversity in the face in order to achieve the goals they speak about. When choosing a motivational speaker for your purposes, choosing one of the most five most popular speakers is typically the first option to consider.

Yossi Ghinsberg -- Yossi Ghinsberg behaves as a nomad, constantly traveling the world in order to search for work and for personal explorations. Yossi was raised in Israel, and served three years on the Red Sea in the Israeli Army, which is where he befriended the Bedouins of the Sinai Desert, which greatly influenced him with their nomadic lifestyle and moral philosophy. Yossi Ghinsberg originally published his book "Heart of the Amazon" in the year of 1986, and it quickly became an international best seller, as it describes his soaring journey in South America. Yossi Ghinsberg released a book called "Glimpses" in the year of 2006, and has developed a great interest in conflict resolution on a global level, and a personal level as well.

James Ray -- James Ray has devoted more than twenty years to studying various success factors, and speaks in order to share these strategies with audiences in order to help them accelerate their results when it comes to team performance, service, sales and personal achievement. There is no doubt that James Ray is an expert when it comes to the science of success. James Ray uses public speaking to share the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset when it comes to creating lasting success in today's business market. James Ray owns a company called James Ray International, and the company is committed to igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in order to help both individuals and organizations accelerate the growth of their businesses. He is a major contributor in the best selling phenomena "The Secret".

Amanda Gore -- Amanda Gore is a motivational speaker who has developed the unique ability to inform while simultaneously managing to involve and to entertain as well. Amanda Gore is an energetic and funny motivational speaker who is an absolute master when it comes to group dynamics. Amanda Gore can ignite a group into conversation, so if you are looking for a way to get your group to connect to one another, Amanda Gore can make it happen.

Pat Croce -- Pat Croce is an international karate champion, partial owner of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team, a best selling author, a motivational speaker, and a trainer who has become a businessman, striving to prove that just about anyone can experience a total rags to riches turn around. Pat Croce was the first person to climb out of the training room and into the board room of a professional sports team, which is easily defined as one of the most amazing of all sports history stories. Pat Croce is a nationally renowned motivational speaker who shares his story in order to show that absolutely anyone can have their dreams come true.

Keith Harrell -- Keith Harrell is a former marketing executive for the IBM Corporation, and has more than thirteen years of corporate experience as one of IBM's top training instructors. Keith Harrell travels all across the world in other to impact the lives of his clients on both a professional and personal level. Keith Harrell works as an author, a consultant, a trainer and a speaker, and is highly recognized for the enlightening and innovative presentations that he makes in order to share his ideas with other business owners.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Become The Alpha Male In A Day

The Alpha Male is the leader of the flock, the man who gets the largest slice of the pie. Step back and imagine what it would be like to become the alpha male.

There's a secret: Positive Self Imaging.

Positive Self-Imaging is a holistic technique to catapult you to your destination. The method of mental bimaging gives you an internal map to your sunconscious and conscious behaviors. As you mentally focus on where it is you want to go, and you're determined to reaching your destination, your actions often follow. Literally, your actions spring from your mental images. Precisely, you usually won't move if you haven't already visualized yourself mentally rehearsing the outcome. How you visually represent yourself, in any given situation, is what you transform into, and how you will act. When you solidify your images in a constructive way, positive things happen. Focusing on creating uplifting, pleasurable changes in your life buoys you with uplifting sensations of self-confidence and self-determination.

Picture yourself meandering down a path across a meadow and coming to a barbed-wire fence. If you consider the fence as an impregnable barrier toward completing your goal, then the wall will remain. When you see the fence as having an archway in it, or when you find a way of going over, around or through it, then the barrier is merely one more hindrance to overcome. Nothing more, nothing less. It's a challenge worth your time as an alpha male.

When you yield too much control to any obstacle, or entity, you automatically lower yourself into a no-win situation. One way to leap this no-win quandary is to change the rules. See the situation as an opportunity, to flex your imagination - your mind. When the situation is no longer challenging or healthy, and you're using an exceeding amount of energy with few positive results, select a new outcome where there will be new challenges and opportunities. There is little reason to set yourself up for failure or punishment. Deciding to create positive convictions and expectations about yourself goads the actions you take. Positive actions easily transforms you into the leader- the Alpha Male.

You can shift negative situation by tweaking your regualr responses to challenges and giving careful thought to your long-term goals. An outcome to accomplish a degree from a four-year college within six years is not unrealistic. Never expect to do it in two and set yourself up for disappointment. Choose a map you can realistically commit to. Emotional, physical, and mental plateaus, valleys and peaks are regular experiences on the road to triumph. Focusing on your life progress and recalling where you started creates determination and courage. Improving yourself, and your life, requires concentration and self-discipline. Appreciate the journey. When you apply yourself, you will make your life magic! Then you become the Alpha MAle

As you build faith in yourself, you feel capable of bolstering yourself and colleagues, professionally and socially. Your mindset and self esteem fly new heights. Lofty self esteem and a soaring self-image allow you surmount problems that may otherwise overcome you. Belief in yourself will readily result in having others believe in you. When you seize a direction, and realize where you are going, you will maximize your ability to perform a particular task. When you have social and emotional support from others, you're more hopeful and suffer less turmoil. Finally you also develop an amazing ability to cope with the detrimental effects of negative or condemning statements from others. Hope and self-esteem are the medicine that transforms a negative self-image into a positive one. And it's Rx for those who want to become Alpha Male.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You Become Who You Hang Around With!

I want you to do something really quick. Grab a pen and paper, add the total income of your friends and divide that by the amount of friends to find the average. Whatever that number reads, is probably close to what you are making right now or will make in the future…….unless something changes. This is pretty much a guarantee! Now, I am not saying that you have to ditch your friends and go get new, richer friends to become rich. All I am saying is that whoever it is that you choose to hang out with, you become like. You become who you associate with, mastermind with, and spend time with.

Jim Rohn speaks of why kids should have to pay tax on the things they buy. Give a kid a dollar and he has to give 7 pennies to every dollar that he spends for taxes. They have to learn at some point, right? I mean, that is how we can sleep peacefully at night. We pay 7 pennies so that the Military can stay up at night while we sleep comfortable in our beds. I will gladly pay 7 pennies for that! Anyway, instead of spending the whole dollar, he would counsel the kid to save some and not spend it all. The kid then asks "why." That is when you take the kid to the other side of town and show him the difference between how those who spend the whole dollar live and the ones who save part of the dollar. Big difference!

As you hang around people who you admire, respect, and want to be like….you gradually start acting, speaking, and becoming like them. You pick up the way they speak and adapt their way of thinking. If they drive a Hummer but you are still stuck in a Geo Metro Convertible, then you might benefit a little from hanging out with them. Learn their secrets to success and tap in to their knowledge. Find out how they did it.

In order to become successful and wealthy, you need only a few things. You need an opportunity, the ambition to become wealthy, and a teacher or mentor. Most of you already live in the land of opportunity, America. People fight to get into this country, not out. Opportunity is already here. You just have to see it! Hang around those who do!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Should You Share Your Goals?

When it comes to goal setting many experts have differing opinions on whether or not you should share your goals with others. There is an upside and a downside to both, but the best answer if probably in between.

Sharing your goals can be great for several reasons. By sharing your goals with others they can help hold you accountable to yourself to accomplish your goals. This is great for many people who have trouble keeping themselves dedicated to the goal, but will listen to others.

The downside of sharing your goals, and the benefit of keeping your goals to yourself is often times people will tell you that you can't accomplish something.

Often times these people who tell you that you can't accomplish something are actually your so called friends and family. While they probably mean the best for you, they often are harming you.

They think that just because they don't think they can accomplish a goal that you can't. People often have a hard enough time overcoming the negative conditioning of their own minds, little alone the negative conditioning of friends and family.

I think the best answer is in between sharing and keeping your goals personal. Easier goals I tend to share with others because most people tend to think they can accomplish them.

For difficult goals I tend not to share them with others because I am more than likely going to get a negative response out of a person.

Whatever you decide it ultimately comes down to holding yourself to a higher standard and the power of daily habits.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Mankind is Lacking in the Forward Progression of Innovation - Not Impressed

Every day we read about new discoveries and yet mankind is far behind where he should be. If we went from the first aircraft to putting a man on the moon in 70 years, what on God's green Earth has been going on for the last 35 years? Well, not enough and my question is what happened to everyone? Why did they quit, did everyone with any strength of character willing to battle and brave the future just give up?

In consideration of this dilemma it appears to me that the overwhelming bureaucracy has stifled innovation, entrepreneurship and the competitive spirit to go beyond. Thus the lack of forward progression of the human race and in the United States of America has greatly suffered. Why, have we allowed this to happen to us such a nation with such great promise?

Personally, I feel that mankind is lacking in their forward progression and it is evident by the slow innovation progress. Yes some things are coming along fine and yet, I am not impressed, as every where I turn I see barriers which slow the progress, with no rhyme or reason; just bureaucracy. We need the cowboys back and the entrepreneurs and we need to set them free from the over regulation.

We need more people who are not afraid of getting sued if something goes wrong, willing to take the risks and do whatever it takes to succeed at whatever they choose. If we can free-up the thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators, we can get back on track, but either way we have a lot of catching up to do.

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