Saturday, May 12, 2007

Leadership - How To Find Untapped Potential In People

Many times as a leader it's easy to automatically look for someone outside of your team of people that has the skills you are looking for. However, the right person good already be in your team. As a good leader it's important that you develop the team of people that you already have by finding their untapped potential. Here are 3 ways to find this potential.

1. Get to know their interests.

One of the best ways to find potential in someone is to find out what their interests are in life. This will reveal a lot about the other person. Many times you will discover that you actually have the person doing the wrong thing your team. Just because someone's resume or past history says one thing doesn't mean that that's always that best thing for them to do.

2. Challenge your team.

By challenging your team I don't mean to overwork them. However, if you let your team atrophy by never allowing them to grow you are stopping you and your team from becoming the best it can be. You may be surprised to see who rises up and meets the challenges that you set.

3. Provide training.

Everyone needs to learn to become better. By providing opportunities for your team to learn new things you will give them the chance to better themselves. As your team learns they will begin to have better skills and feel more confidant with the tasks they are given. As their confidence increases they will be more willing to step out of their comfort zones and try things that could have huge benefits for everyone involved.

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