Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dear Earth

Are you aware of what is happening to our beautiful Mother Earth? Bash you experience concerned about the many people and concerns that have got consciously or unconsciously ache our air, water, land, animals, vegetation, and atmosphere? The truth is that the state of affairs is not hopeless, you are not powerless, and you can make a difference.

I propose that you allow travel of any fearfulnesses or concerns and focusing on what you can do to better the situation. Then put your purpose to take positive actions to take attention of and award Mother Earth.

To get with, you can take to read a book about the issues and larn more than ways to be helpful. You may desire to fall in an organization, or donate to one or more than that are focusing on making positive changes. Another thought is to make your ain grouping of Earth friendly friends and family, or start a greenish concern or organization.

Still another option is to form a meeting at work to briefly lineation the jobs and pass most of the clip on the solutions. At follow-up deepenings everyone can measure the success of the programmes and make up one's mind what else they can do, or how they can better their positive efforts.

Taking an stock list of how you can personally lend is an first-class positive step. Of course, sharing it with your household is extremely helpful. For example, recycle whatever you can, and purchase more than merchandises that are recycled. Also, see buying energy efficient contraptions and cars. Close off visible lights when you go forth a room and disconnect electrical arrangers when not in use.

Personally you will profit by the good feelings that come up with doing good deeds. Focusing on the positive and taking action experiences empowering. Together we tin do a difference.

The followers are some guidelines that can help you with your end to be a more than witting planetary citizen and award Mother Earth.


I promise to...

1) Appreciate your brilliant beauty.

2) Express gratitude for offering me a topographic point to dwell and play.

3) Treat you with love and respect.

4) Be witting of how of import it is to continue you.

5) Protect you by keeping you clean, using less, and recycling.

6) Lend to your growing by replacing what Iodine use.

7) Keep you pure by using safe, non-toxic substances.

8) Remember that what I do and state makes make a difference.

9) Recognize that you, like me, demand peace to be healthy, happy, and successful.

10) Perpetrate to being a sort and lovingness local, national, and human race citizen.

Thank you for all your cherished gifts. I love you!

If you take to make any of all of these promises, then it is helpful to compose down a listing of specific things you can do and follow through. Your positive mold can assist to awaken others to make the same. Then the men, women, and children can actuate the people in their lives and so on. Compliment yourself for being willing to honour and take attention of our beautiful Mother Earth.

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