Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ace's Insights- I Am Your Neighbor!

"Don't handle me as a stranger. I am your neighbor. My house is close to yours. I may look different, but my bosom is good. My inside is shining even if my expressions are obscure."

Jelalludin Rumi was born in 1207 and lived a quiet life as an Muslim instructor in Turkey until the age of 37. He met a wandering dervish named Shams Tabriz one day, and from that meeting a great organic structure of mystical poesy began to form. A Negro spiritual motion was founded on his work and it stretched around the world and goes on to boom today. Rumi's message is pure. It have no agenda other than love. As you can see from this quote, his message is one of unity.

I look for integrity each day, in fact I pass most of my time trying to be united with something. Work, school, religion, politics, race, exercise, hobbies, love life, are tools for unity. I need them to reenforce my physical identity, to experience connected in this world of disconnection. Even in war, I am united in my belief that I am right against a united wrong.

This integrity conveys up the point that Rumi is making; right and incorrect are strangers because they believe they are. Fear of losing integrity is the accelerator for war. Fear based on indeterminate sayings, that are not so indeterminate unless I make not take the time to listen. Fear is the yearning for unity, so it unifies within itself. War is fought, fearfulness volts fear, not neighbour volts neighbor. I go another me in integrity with fear. I am not the neighbour who open ups himself to all with gestures of love. Iodine am another consciousness that sit downs in judgement and am angry at some one's integrity that makes not include me. I am a stranger to myself and unrecorded in a fearfulness filled world. My house is just adjacent door, but it is locked in anxiousness and hate because I am united in fear.

That's not the integrity Rumi knew. He understood we are all united spirits. The play I dwell day-to-day is for me to learn from, not to kill for. Diverseness and different beliefs do this journeying special. It is a measurement stick for change. I can differ with my neighbour and still be united in spirit. In fact, Iodine am united regardless of my ignorance.

Unity gets with me. I must unify with who I am, before I can share myself in the integrity that Rumi composes about. When I am united my world changes and I make expression at everything differently. Fear is no longer an attraction, it is a message. A message that love is waiting for me. By reuniting with love, my vicinity goes my world. All life in my vicinity is there for the same reason, to express itself in the web of All There Is, Love. I can recognize and still be neighborly. No 1 is a stranger. Everything is there for me. Iodine am, so that all tin be a grander version of the Godhead Matrix Of Love.

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