Monday, June 25, 2007

Brainwave Entrainment - Is It The Key To Giftedness?

Before this, scientists can only hypothesized that the different regions
of our brain communicate with each other when processing information,
but with recent advancement in science, they can actually prove it.

Using multi-electrode recording techniques to monitor different regions of
the brain simultaneously, scientists have discovered how the brain regions communicate
through their electrical activities.

This capability further reveals a new characteristic of brain communication.

Their experiments have shown that two regions can communicate effectively if their electrical activities rhythm are synchronized with each other. It means if a region is sending information
to another part of the brain, the receiving part must also be expecting it.
Otherwise the some part of the information will be missing.

This is much like how some type of electronic circuitry work.
These circuits are called synchronous circuit.
For an electrical circuit the synchronization is done through
a special circuitry called clock circuit which generates fixed frequency

So how can we synchronize the different regions in our brain?

Even currently there is no scientific experiment to prove it,
but it might be possible that brainwave entrainment actually
provide a type of artificial clocking mechanism for the brain.

This finding maybe is a clue of how some gifted people seems
to be able to use their brain effectively compare to normal people.
These people may have some kind of natural internal clock that is able to
synchronize their brain regions. They might even able to actually
turn it on of off, and synchronized it at different frequencies for
different functions. This is logical if you think of some phenomena
such as perfect retention and photographic memory - which are indication
of perfect data communication in storing and retrieval of information.

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