Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You Don't Have To Be A PhD To Understand Life

We are on this world to give something back.

When we decide to have children, help out family or friends in need, or donate our time, we are giving something back. When a crisis hits us and we find ourselves in a world of hurt or pain, we find out that people want to give something back to us. Be that love, compassion, or just time. Or maybe that isn't so. Sometimes people don't give back. They just take.

Life can be hard.

Life isn't always about riches, love, sex, sunshine and pleasure. Life can hit us squarely between the eyes and take away what we love the most. Life can test our deepest emotions until we break down and cry unabashedly. But the pain and anguish of life can also give us strength, depth and resolve. Sometimes we learn astonishing things about ourselves and find strength beyond our dreams. There is no getting around the harshness of life. It will not spare us. But it will hopefully open our eyes. And with any luck we will learn from it.

We are one species, one race, one entity.

The sooner we learn that we are all the same species and animal, the better. We are all interconnected through the shared ability of conscious unlike all other animals on this planet. When we decide to use our conscious for the good of mankind as a whole, we will survive. If we continue to ignore our conscious we will continue to destroy each other, nature and eventually the planet. We have a choice. Those choices will save us or destroy us. It isn't that complicated, it's actually quite simple if you think about it.

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