Friday, July 06, 2007

Context is Everything!

Sometimes, linguistic context is everything. It's how you understand the significance of a given word, right? When I was a kid, we played a game where the words "coffee pot" were substituted for two versions of a homonym, and you had to think what the words were. So my ma would say, "I java pot the ball" and "I drove java pot the tunnel" and I had to think the words "threw" and through".

And sometimes it's how you acknowledge people. Bear with me, here.

My business office is very private. It's pretty separate from the house; it's downstairs, behind the garage, with its ain door to a private patio. The terrace is accessible lone by a gate to the presence pace and stairway up to the chief deck and yard, which I can see from both my desk and the couch where I sit down to "read". No 1 ever come ups in unless I ask for them. Even my hubby bank checks the telephone line to see if I'm occupy before he come ups down, and he come ups from the inside; there's never anyone except the cablegram cat or the telephone cat on the patio, and that's because I've called them. When I work, the lone other animal there, besides me, is my cat, Creature. That is, my business business office is very private, and very safe -- which is important, because Iodine necessitate to be completely procure in the outer human race so that I can concentrate on the interior human race for/with my clients.

Last Wednesday morning, I was in my office, doing a reading/NLP session for a client. I had my eyes closed, paying stopping point attending to the interior landscape, and was therefore not particularly aware of what was going on in my office. All was well. We had gotten to a topographic point where my client was affecting 1 of his large issues, which, frankly, he would rather have got avoided. (This is how many issues acquire to be large issues — when they're little issues, we avoid them because it's easier or more than comfy to avoid them than to cover with them. That allows them turn unchecked, attracting other experiences like the 1 that caused the issue in the first place. But I digress.)

BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Went the dorsum of the terrace door.

Oh, my God! I practically screamed into the telephone, and then apologized to my client for blistering his ear as I rushed to the dorsum door. There was a adult male standing there! And all the possibilities of who this could be flashed through my head (PG&E? PacBell? The cablegram company? But I haven't called any of them. A new neighbor? But why would a new neighbour come up to this obscure, protected door?)

"Who are you?", I asked the stranger.

"Steve", he answered, with a slightly aghast look, as if to say, "you idiot!" — and immediately his very ordinary characteristics morphed into the alone 1s of one of my best friends from decennaries ago, as if all my experience of him suddenly populated his face. (Actually, we've known each other since we were adolescents and have got stayed in touching all these years. No, I haven't seen him in 5 years, but he really doesn't look different from how he looked then.) It's just that I talked to him the eventide before, on his place phone, in NC, to state "thank you" for the birthday nowadays he sent, so I "knew" he was place in NC. Since I didn't anticipate him, I didn't "see" him. I explained that I was really "out there" from doing the reading, and he readily forgave me.

How make you forestall this from happening? How make you guarantee you acknowledge someone? I'm not 100% certain you can, but I have got a couple of ideas.

The first 1 come ups from my late father, who was a physician in a little town in NJ, with a immense pattern which spanned the state. Almost everywhere we went, person would say, "Hi, Doc!" and he'd look momentarily blank, and then greet whomever by their name, and inquire them something relevant to their lives. Once I asked him about that clean look, and how he remembered everyone, and here's what he said: "When individual says, "Hi, Doc!, I cognize it's person from my practice, so I "see" them in the business office — and then I cognize just who they are, their name, what they make for a living, children names, all that stuff."

So the first fast one is to widen the ocular framework of your memory, to see person in the linguistic linguistic context in which you met.

The 2nd fast one is from "memory experts" who state us to visualize someone's name stamped across his or her forehead.

Put the two together, so you see the person's name, stamped on his or her forehead, in the context in which you cognize each other, and you'll be all set!

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