Monday, July 09, 2007

The Secret - Does it Work?

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is the up-to-the-minute self-help sensation. But makes it actually work?

The chief subject running throughout the whole book is the impression of thought. The current ballyhoo about the law of attractive force rests its foundations on the impression of thought. Idea can convey love, happiness, money, and usher you through life. My opinion? I truly believe in this. The theory is approved of by great minds of old and modern modern times like Napoleon I Hill, Abraham Lincoln, Ralph Emerson, Henry Martin Robert Kiyosaki, and Bill Gates. For a former station on the impression of idea chink here.

The law of attractive force is in fact very simple: what you believe is what you will attract. It is correspondent to the well established phenomena of resonance. You've all seen the soprano interruption a wineglass just by vocalizing the right note. What is physically happening is the soprano directs out a moving ridge or a quiver of air molecules. This quiver travelings through the air and everything (including the vino glass) in the encompassing locality will get vibrating at the same frequency. Now the vino glass have got a peculiar place called the natural frequence - in fact all physical objects have a alone physical place called the natural frequency. Physics states us that the near the frequence of the vocalizing to the natural frequence of the glass, the more than vigorously the glass will vibrate. So as the soprano hits the right note, one that is very fold to the natural frequence of the glass, the glass will agitate so violently that it'll break.

Same trade with thought. When you think, you direct out a idea of a peculiar frequency. As a result, all encompassing things will get vibrating. In particular, things which have got the same or similar natural frequence to your idea will vibrate violently. And that is how the law of attractive force works. By sending out thoughts, you will 'be in tune' with physical objects or states of affairs which have got the same natural frequence as your thoughts. You can use this to all facets of your life whether it is money, fame, relationships, or health. And that is the basic kernel of The Secret.

I urge The Secret if you have got not come up across the law of attractive force before and you can purchase it at a price reduction here. However, it is true that the law of attractive force is an ancient conception and The Secret is just a modern mental representation of the law. If you desire a read a more than than comprehensive and original (but longer and more hard to read) treatment of the topic I would highly urge The Maestro Key System by Prince Charles Haanel. I have got recommended this before and I still believe it is the most comprehensive book on this subject. One thing's for sure, it is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, comprehensive textual matter on the law of attraction. You can purchase it at a price reduction here.

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