Thursday, April 05, 2007

Effective Communication- Know How The Other Person Thinks?

Communication is the key to success. It is the key not only in career but more so in personal life. Many divorces and break-ups could be avoided if both the parties knew how to communicate effectively. What is effective communication? Is it the proper construction of the sentences? Proper selection of words or right framing of the arguments, what is effective communication? To make any communication effective one factor is most important. The recipient of the communication must get the message in a way so that he/she understands what you are saying. If that is not served, the whole exercise will be a mess.

Have you not known of instances when somebody claims that he gave all the information and the other person says that he/she understood something else? Have you not come across couples that complain that they can never reach a happy end in any argument and that always leads to more trouble?

One may be making great efforts to communicate but if the other person fails to get the message the effort will go in waste. That also arouses lot of frustration and anger in the person who was trying to communicate leading to more trouble. How to avoid this? Let me tell you something very simple that will avoid this.

Find out about the other persons style of listening and understanding. There are commonly two types of persons, one- auditory and second- visual. Auditory people talk more and hear the words more. Visuals will think more in terms of visuals. To an auditory person - you should say- this sounds good. To a visual person you should say - it looks good. Note the use of words- sounds and looks. Listen to the other person and find out the words used most often by that person. Are they auditory or visual words? Once you know that, use those words more and you will succeed in sending any communication to success.



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