Friday, March 30, 2007

Should We Change Or Should We Undo Change?

Change has become the current global Buzzword for solving most problems. Everyone is talking of it and trying to CHANGE like never before. If organizations are not doing well then the usual conclusion is that they have not Changed with times and a " Change Strategy " is evolved and a " Change Process " put in place .

If nations are having problems then it is not unusual to see leaders talking about " Change " .

Motivational speakers and most leadership programs will never tire of expatiating the virtues of change and also the dire consequences of not changing .

Counselors will always advocate " Change Yourself " if you want to improve a strained relationship . But CHANGE from what ? No one talks about that .

What is the reference point for change ? How do we know what to change and what not to change ?

Do we have answers to the following questions ? Why do millions of people across the world , including in wealthy nations , go to bed on empty stomachs ? This is in spite of the fact that Nature has provided so much that it can produce and feed ten times over the current global population ,

Why are millions of lives getting affected due to violence in the name of religion .? Why so many people get killed due to meaningless war ?, . Why do Companies only think of top lines and bottom lines ?

You will observe that the problem lays in change .

Change has occurred and that is why :

Nations no longer follow their constitution . The great people who founded nations always thought about internal prosperity through global peace

Original preaching of the religions has been distorted to suit few individuals. We all know that , no religion in this world preaches violence or hatred .

Companies deviate from their Purpose and Core Values to keep the business analysts happy . Founders of great companies have " Service to community ' as the Core to their business .

If Change from the original state is the root cause for so many problems across the world , then the question I would like to bring to your attention is : Should We "Change" ?

Or Should We "Undo Change "?

Should we not endeavor to " undo Change " and revert to the natural state that ensures peace and prosperity at the individual level across the world .

If change is the ONLY CONSTANT then should we not keep UNDOING IT .



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