Thursday, March 22, 2007

How to Get What You Really Want Out of Life

There are no limits to the amount of happiness, health,
wealth, success, or love that you can attain. The only
limits that exist are the ones that are created through
limited thoughts, words, actions and attitudes.

It's quite simple how this works. Wherever you find yourself
manifesting circumstances in your life other than what you
planned for then be assured that there are limiting beliefs
at work in your life. A limiting belief is a belief that you
are certain is true about yourself based upon past

These limiting beliefs can look like:

'Good things never happen to me'

'I don't deserve to be happy'

'Rich people are greedy'

'Life wasn't meant to be easy'

These beliefs and thousands more like them are like huge
rivers of thought flowing beneath the surface of your mind
and whenever you try to make a positive change in direction
in your life you ultimately end up struggling with these

That's why people who try to change habits like smoking or
being overweight will 90% of the time end up right back
where they started from despite have successfully achieved a
result they were happy with.

The key here is to understand that your subconscious mind
has way more influence in your results than your conscious
mind. Psychologists claim that only 10% of our mind function
is conscious. 90% is subconscious. This gives you an idea
why it might appear so hard to make life changes.

The great news is that I'm going to show you to get what you
really want despite any self-sabotaging thoughts or beliefs.
The simple fact is that all you need to do is change your
beliefs. To do this is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 is to choose a belief that will support what you want
to achieve. Let's say you want to. Let's say your goal is to
find work that you love. Then a belief that would support
that would be, 'I am so happy to be getting paid for work
that I love!'

Notice that I use present tense when expressing the new
belief. That is because your brain does not know the
difference between what you imagine and what is real. As you
write out your belief, get a picture of it in your mind.
See, hear and feel yourself sitting at your desk, or doing
whatever it is you will be doing as if you are already
there. This is called visualizing your goal.

Make sure you repeat your affirmation and visualize your new
belief for 5 minutes before you go to bed and for 5 minutes
upon awakening every day. Continue to do this until what
you want has become a reality in your life. The point here
is that we use our mind every day for things we don't really
want, need or desire. So why not spend just a few minutes
each day affirming what really matters.

Step 2 is to take consistent action towards achieving the
result you want. In the example above it could look like
checking the 'positions vacant' section of the newspaper of
internet, calling up companies that offer the kind of work
you are looking for and organizing an interview or resume to
be sent. Then spend a little time each day taking action
that reinforces your new belief.

Step 3 is to never give up on your dreams. Don't let anyone
or anything be the reason you fail to get what you really
want. Ultimately there can be any number of excuses why we
settle for a life less than what we want or deserve. The
secret is to recognize these excuses and then make a
decision to stay focused on what you really want.

I'm not suggesting you spend a lot of time on this. Even
just 5 minutes a day will be significant to help change your
old beliefs. What matters is that you keep it top of mind
and make it a priority every day.

Lastly, the fastest way to burn away old annoying beliefs
and habits is to spend some time in gratitude for what you
already have. I do this each morning upon awakening. My goal
is to find 10 things each morning to feel thankful for
before I get out of bed. I not only think about those things
I spend a few moments feeling them deep in my heart and
soaking up the joy that these things bring to me.

This sets the tone for the day of joy and I find that I seem
to attract much more to be grateful about each and every
day. I'll leave you with this quote from my latest book:

"When you focus on what you DO have, it increases; When you
focus on what you don't have, you will have less. When you
focus on your capabilities, they grow; When you focus on
your health, it improves!'

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