Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Stealin' People's Mail

I guess I have to tell the story now. We didn't so much steal the mail truck, it just kinda tried to follow us home. When Scoot and I were in high school he had a summer job delivering medical supplies. It was pretty boring and it took him to some interesting(scary) parts of town, so he asked me to come along with him on his route one day. During summer vacation in high school my schedule was usually open so I agreed to go. Most of the day things were pretty mundane, aside from the unusual nursing home delivery. His delivery vehicle was a full size van. If anybody has ever driven a full size van you'll know that your vision is pretty limited. Scoot's car at the time was a Datsun 210 hatchback, very small car with good visibility. Well, one of the last deliveries was at a home. Scoot pulled up to the curb in front of the house, got out, and made his delivery. While he was doing this a mail Jeep pulled up behind us and parked, the mail man got out and started doing his deliveries. Scoot gets back in and puts the van, with bad visibility, in reverse. He backs up, where there was no mail truck two minutes earlier, and bang. We both look out the small back window and notice the mail truck. I said, "we didn't hit it that hard, let's get the hell out of here". Now we were both 16 or 17 so this sounds like a good idea. So Scoot puts the van in drive and we start to leave, we get about half a block and the mail dude comes running out by the road and starts yelling, "WAIT, STOP, HOLD ON!!!". We both look in the tiny back window and I yell, " HOLY SHIT, IT'S FOLLOWING US!!". Scoot stops and the mail dude catches up with us and kinda laughing says, "can I have my truck back?". When we bumped him, our bumper hooked his and we just kinda dragged his van with us. Mail guy says, "there's no damage and I don't feel like filling out any paperwork, let's just get this thing unhooked and you guys can get out of here". That sounds like a great idea to us, so I stand on the front bumper of the mail jeep and Scoot pulls forward. We all kinda laugh nervously and go our respective ways. So there it is, we didn't really try to steal a mail truck, we just tried to do a hit and run. See, we're really not bad guys after all.


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