Thursday, April 26, 2007

Overcoming Stage Fright

Stage fright is just a nervous or anxious disorder based on anxiety. What it all comes down to is this...your body is telling you that you may fail so you get nervous. The problem is that it is your mind that is feeding this (garbage) condition to your body. You body reacts by pumping adrenaline. It is time to get both body and mind to SHUT UP!

Here are the steps to bringing body and mind in sync:

#1 Be on top of the material you are going to perform or present. Know your lines. Or have a good idea of the speech. Practice not only what the words are, but how you are going to say them.

#2 Speaking lines or doing a part is all rhythm. If you learn your lines or speech or words like a song (using pacing) you will not mess up. Because you know the rhythm. And if you (momentarily) lose your place, just get back into rhythm. (If you are performing with others use their rhythm to find your place.)

#3 If you fail. Big deal. Your mind is just controlling you to be perfect. No one is perfect. All you and I can do is our best. Tell your mind that "you are cool!" You will survive. The sun will come up tomorrow. And you will have done a fine job.

#4 If you know where you are going to perform, go out early and walk the stage, so to speak. Yell! Sit or lie on the floor. Sometimes just by practicing in the spot you will perform will put you at ease.
And then sit out in the audience and take in the feeling of what they see or how uncomfortable/comfortable their seats are.


Breathing: Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Be aware of your breathing. It will put your body in sync. Do this often. It will really calm you.
#6 Close your eyes and focus! Here is a quick exercise. Close your eyes and picture 2 mountains. Between the mountains is an ocean. Is the ocean rough or calm? If it is wavy or rough make the water and waves glassy smooth and calm by focusing your breathing. By doing this, you have actually calmed down your own subconscious' anxiousness and have gotten your focus on track.

#7. Also, just imagine, in your mind, how you will be performing and presenting. Over and over. Winning swimmers and runners see themselves playing out the entire race in their head beforehand. You too can imagine your presentation and see yourself doing well.

Remember! These 'fear' and 'stage fright' moments are all just in your head. They can be overcome through practice and by these steps:

1. Focus

2. Breathing

3. Visualization

4. And the Realization that you have the talent, resolve, spirit and enthusiasm to perform and do well.

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Blogger Hiding From My Words said...

I've never came across a tip or suggestion on relaxation that worked so instantly and perfect as the one you just gave. Visualizing two mountains and between them an ocean, close eyes and breathe and make the ocean calm. Wow. I'll never forget it. Thank you.

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