Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Awesome Leadership Strategy for Developing Human Capital!

Can you tell me how you unravel the secrets behind the transformational magic of highly effective leaders?

When I hear questions like these being asked about leadership, then I know there is still a bunch more work needed to be done:

1) Who should leaders lead?

2) What precisely are leaders actually supposed to be doing?

3) How should a group leader appear to be taking the lead?

Maybe you will use this article in learning how discerning leaders evaluate, define and perform their most imperative job - that is, to boost the competences of their group's human capital.

It is my earnest wish you will appreciate this single essential truth: excelling at leadership means investing in and increasing the value of your "human capital equation".

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Human Capital Asset Enrichment Strategy:

Focus the Awesome Impacts of Our Capital Assets!

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When you are focusing your attention on, sharpening your oversight of and magnifying the impacts for each of the four workplace-expanding areas of: Production, Knowledge, Social Capital and Utilization, you will certainly enjoy an inexhaustible treasure trove of positive outcomes.

However what other target areas might deliver even larger, more sustainable pay-offs if you concentrate your efforts on developing them?

Here are some ways your leadership efforts can help others produce mutually-beneficial results:

Value - you will increase the impact of this desirable benefit simply by constantly questioning the meaning of your group's work engagements - are we doing this task to add value or because we have always done it or because we are supposed to do it this way?

Quality - improving the quality of the processes that your group uses to accomplish its work must be a continual process unto itself - how much and in what ways do we leverage the 4 areas to enhance our efficiency, improve our resourcefulness and increase our effectiveness?

Motives - what inspires you is many times just as important as what your motivation inspires you to achieve - does your group invest any of their time and energies into exploring the values, beliefs, meanings, purposes and objectives propelling their daily efforts?

Capacity - building upon the competencies, performances, know-how and knowledge, facts and figures and growth opportunities are critical in these days of disruptive, brutally dynamic, break-neck pace of change - how do you develop the capacity or potential for innovating each of those critical 4 areas?


Whether you are called a leader or think of yourself as just a follower you can enrich the human capital assets of the people within your operating circle.

If you work at creating or organizing knowledge, performing customer or supplier services or supervising the activities of people, you too can apply the lessons you have learned in this article.

Now that you understand the strategies of human capital appreciation, I would suggest you follow these guidelines:

First, test them out in your own activities;

Next, try these principles on your friends, families and associates at work;

Finally, master these techniques and make our world a precious treasure by enriching the space around you and your colleagues, today.

Jesus Christ wisely pointed out the easiest way to guage a person's performance - he said: "You shall know them by their fruits!"

I implore you to apply this enrichment strategy and transform your knowledge into tangible actions which express your vision and become a glorious reality in your own career.

You don't need a badge to act like a leader. Follow the sage advice of that famous advertisement which urges us to: "Just Do It!"

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