Friday, June 10, 2005


I'm at work waiting for paint to dry, so I decided to post something. Yeah, I'm actually waiting for paint to dry. Here in Wisconsin, our fine Governor Doyle, has decided it's a good idea to make me sign a ledger and show a picture ID to get any type of cold medicine with pseudephedrine, but thinks it's a really bad idea to have to show a picture ID of any kind to vote in an election. I rarely talk about politics but this is insane. I'm not going to say what his political party is, I don't think it's even relevant. I can't think of any reason why a person shouldn't show an ID to vote. Even worse, psuedephedrine, for people like me with bad sinuses, is a miracle drug. It keeps me from getting piercing sinus headaches. I understand making it hard for the guys making meth to get the stuff, it's the main ingredient, but this is just stupid. I'm going to have to write this dumbass a letter about this shit. I hate politicians, they're all full of shit.


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